Magnetism Science Fair Projects

Magnetism Science Fair Projects

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Do you like magnets? Science fair projects can examine magnetism or electromagnets. Here are some magnetism science fair project ideas.

Magnetism Science Fair Project Ideas

  • Make your own ferrofluid or liquid magnets.
  • Is plant growth affected by the presence of an electromagnetic field?
  • Is seed germination affected by a magnetic field?
  • Do magnetic fields have an effect on eremosphaera algae cells?
  • What is the strength of a manmade magnetic field given off by a computer? overhead power lines? wall current? etc.
  • Build a sensor to detect the presence of a magnetic field.
  • Can you detect any effect from a prolonged magnetic field on an organism? Examples might include fruit flies, mice, plants, daphnia, etc.
  • Can you demonstrate the steelhead trout can detect magnetic fields? How would you test other organisms for the ability to sense a magnetic field?
  • Is the orientation of bird embryos (e.g., chicks in eggs) affected by the orientation of a magnetic field?
  • If you change magnetic field orientation, does it produce an effect on an organism? Examples might include mealworms, fruit flies, planaria, etc.

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