Metallic Character Definition

Metallic Character Definition

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Metallic Character Definition

Metallic character describes the set of chemical properties that are associated with the elements classified as metals in the periodic table. Metallic character depends on the ability of an element to lose its outer valence electrons.

Examples of properties related to metallic character include thermal and electrical conductivity, metallic luster, hardness, ductility, and malleability. The most "metallic" element is francium, followed by cesium. In general, metallic character increases as you move toward the lower right side of the periodic table.

Also Known As: metallicity, metal character

Metallic Character Versus Metallicity

In chemistry, the terms metallic character and metallicity may be used interchangeably to refer to the metallic nature of a sample. In astronomy, metallicity refers to the abundance of elements heavier than hydrogen or helium, regardless of whether or not these elements are actually metals.